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Chapter   1: Fun Times
Chapter   2: Crazy Calls
Chapter   3: Traffic Crashes
Chapter   4: Broken Homes
Chapter   5: Faces of Death
Chapter   6: Down Time
Chapter   7: Friendships & Relationships
Chapter   8: Nightmares
Chapter   9: Personal Testimony
Chapter 10: Life After Law Enforcement

Chapter 1: Life Issues
Chapter 2: Cancer Survivors
Chapter 3: Near Death Experiences
Chapter 4: Death of a Spouse
Chapter 5: Abortion
Chapter 6: Domestic Violence
Chapter 7: Military Service
Chapter 8: Pastors
Chapter 9: The Church

Chapter 1: The Desert
Chapter 2: My Family
Chapter 3: It's Not What It Seems
Chapter 4: The Ministry
Chapter 5: The Shelf
Chapter 6: Evangelist Joe Taylor

Chapter 1: Drownings
Chapter 2: Murders
Chapter 3: Accidents
Chapter 4: Suicides
Chapter 5: Odd Deaths
Chapter 6: Crashes
Chapter 7: Law Enforcement

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