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About Us

We are a Christian Group of Law Enforcement and First Responders that are trying to reach and minister to law enforcement and others. They are under so much danger and under attack on our streets and in our communities. We here at Crusaders are reaching out to them through prayer, support and encouragement.

We are formed out of a local church. There are organizations that have Chaplains, but we are not an organization. We still minister in the same matter, but through the local church. Some of our staff are either licensed and or ordained through their local church where they are members.

We have members and staff that are retired, former and active officers along with some that are family members or office personal within agencies around the world. Along with our staff we also have Chaplains that are members but some who are Chaplains and Law Enforcement Officers.

We need to look beyond the church buildings and titles and focus mainly on their needs and well as minister to them. Either by prayer, counseling, grieving, family matters and etc.

In 2000 Law Enforcement Outreach was started. In 2011 we changed it to Crusaders Outreach. Chaplain Joe Taylor and Chaplain Derrick Burrus were given permission from our former High School to use our school mascot for our outreach ministry. Then in 2015 we added Ministries to our title. In 2018 I reorganized the ministry to Crusaders Law Enforcement Outreach. Even though our main goal is law enforcement we still minister to our first responders and corrections officers.